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November 23, 2015


Neon Vincent

Remember, Godwin's Law does not apply when one is talking about actual fascists.


Right wing populist Duce Trump has more in common with totalitarian politicians than intolerance of protest. He is also attempting to build a cult of personality, dwells on terrorist attacks to generate fear and advocates mass surveillance. While currently lacking the power to build a state-controlled propaganda outlet, he has brought Fox News to heel. He and his party operate only slightly differently than past totalitarian states that used a reductionist ideology to calm the turmoil of life for easily frightened people. Marxism made all history a class struggle. Fascism made history a race struggle and a list of unfair actions by opposing government entities. Trump borrows heavily from both. The racism is obvious, but he also hammers the idea working people have gotten a knife in the back from financiers (the ones "buying" Hillary) and those who coddle unworthy people like welfare recipients, minimum wage workers, immigrants (foreigners), China, Muslims, and on down the Republican list.

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