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December 18, 2015


What's frightening me about the GOP is that their "leaders" in congress and their sick joke of a republican presidential primary field seem to tell more outright lies, and refuse to see the truth, making them only more popular with the base. Their ugly and hateful language and harassment of organizations like Planned Parenthood, their open bigotry towards muslims, is leading to more disturbed and violent behavior from their drooling followers. The GOP may be disintegrating, but they are doing a lot of damage to the country in the meantime.

This is a beautiful piece. I know it is perfect because I agree with every word of it. That the Republicans disdain the TPP treaty for any other reason than that it has gotten Obama all over it is ridiculous. There is no treaty or international action that could have been done by this administration that they couldn't have improved upon by the simple expedient of being more awesome.

Your memory does not fail you when it comes to Robinson's Hardball performances but to paraphrase a biblical quotation, in our Robinson are many Eugenes. Perhaps not as many as there are Republican factions but definitely more than one. You have but to watch Morning Joe Eugene to appreciate the contrast. It was but two weeks ago that Scarborough went off on a report that intelligence estimates had been tailored to presidential expectations (this after the listening to the generals had been established as the only sound policy) for it is in the nature of subordinates to curry favor with Obama. And then the subordinate crew of Scarborough, Eugene included, bowed their heads in affirmation that bosses only get told what they want to hear.

Your view is spot on. The party's core base *has* metamorphosed downward. The Republicans brought this on themselves. The base is now Nixon's Silent Majority (the term is even being recycled) and Reagan Democrats. Republican strategists won them over by playing on ethnic resentment by convincing them their hard earned money was being taken by unfairly high taxes and used to support undeserving minorities. They were also convinced by accusations Democrats were weak on defense, crime, and a host of moral issues. This was done for votes needed to further the goals of the business wing. Too bad it took so long for the cynicism to come home to roost.

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