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December 21, 2015


Peter G

That the buzz from the under card debates did not last very long has to be my favorite bit of understatement. Was not detectable at all in the statistical noise is the truth.

Anne J

I never understood why he ran in the first place. How far did he think his all war all the time foreign policy would take him? But I did respect him for being up front about it.

Peter G

My goodness that Politico piece is a veritable Kimberlite pipe full of gems. Graham will not endorse and throw his three supporters behind anyone just yet. But he will somehow be a Kingmaker in his home state of South Carolina where the opinion of the dog catcher of Columbia apparently carries more weight than Lindsey. You gotta love Politico. Come for the litotes, stay for the belly laughs.


No thoughts on this other than it's fun to see a big fat 0% next to Frothy Mix's name. As Charlie Pierce frequently notes, he's a colossal dick.

The Dark Avenger

Yeah, I don't know how I missed it but I only learned today that Frothy was 'running' once again.


At least four of these people are in the running for biggest dick.


2 is 100% more than 1 but 1 is an infinite percentage of 0.

Neon Vincent

Believe it or not, there's a drink named after him, too. As expected, it's brown and frothy.

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