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December 26, 2015


That is wonderful news, congratulations and I hope it works out for you, big time! Nothing is more exciting than a new start. Again, warmest congratulations!


Excellent news! Best wishes!

Congratulations and well deserved!

I'm trying to think of someone I know who deserves this more than you. Can't think of a soul.

I try not to speak for others... but... by far and away, it's the best post you've written in terms of the enjoyment it brought to all of us.

Best wishes for you all.

What delightful and welcome news. Have fun.

Life is full of surprises.

A very Happy New Year to you, your daughter and your new love.


I second that!!!


Mazel Tov.

All happiness for you, your lady and your daughter in the coming year!

I can't remember ever being pleased to see a lack of updates on a must read blog. I do remember something of the nature of heartache and a ten year hiatus from any possibility of an emotional connection with a member of the opposite sex. Or the same sex for that matter. But one day it happens. In my case it was an anonymous connection to a woman on a political blog who displayed a sense of humor and intelligence that were rare. I never actually laid eyes on her for two years and there were several missed opportunities to meet in person. When I finally saw an image of her I was not only prepared to be pleased it was something of a clincher. She had such kind eyes. And she was standing next to the space shuttle Discovery. Not a model, the real thing in the main assembly building at Cape Canaveral.

Once upon a time I was encouraged to register at a site called Plenty of Fish. And I did, listing on the form under what I was looking for in a woman the requirement that they have well developed frontal lobes. Alas many thought I meant boobs and so I was summarily and appropriately dismissed as sexist by those who could not discern what I meant. Win, win actually. But ultimately I won big time and made just such a fateful trip to Chicago to meet the woman standing next to the space shuttle.

We've been married coming up on five years now. You just never know how things will turn out.

PM what lovely news to get right now. It seems many people here are happy for your joy. Peter G what a lovely story, thanks for sharing. :)

I'm hoping Phil has similar luck. He richly deserves it.

How wonder-full for you! Hope she doesn't smooth your edges too much.

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