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February 22, 2016


Peter G

Which is not to say that Marco is not smart. In many respects Marco reminds me of a very specific group of people I once knew. He is like many of the people I started with in studying engineering but who did not graduate. A curious lot they were. They wouldn't haven't gotten in the door if they were not smart in the necessary subjects. But they seemed to fear exposure and so tried to do the impossible and memorize in rote form all the possible answers to all the possible questions they might be asked on a test. To all but those gifted with eidetic memories and considerable brains this is absolutely impossible to do. And you are intentionally overloaded with material precisely to separate those who can think their way through a problem from those who think they can memorize a million recipes. The latter have that Marco manner. They try to spit out whatever self programmed nonsense that best seems to fit the questions rather than think about what they have been asked. I have never seen anyone who could unlock themselves from that loop.


Aw c'mon PM. Objective facts are so 1979. The media story line is Marco is young, fresh and a great speaker. Pay no attention to the boy with the water bottle. Who do we believe, TV "news" or our lying brains?

Btw, it's hilarious Trump is now claiming Marco isn't qualified because he's not a RealAmerican©. His troops will probably go with it.


Marco's reputation is largely due to the media's absolute, desperate need to believe that the GOP is still a mainstream party that can attract diffuse demographics. Marco allows them to continue to believe in this bullshit-scented fiction - he's both young and of Cuban descent! Boom! Obviously the GOP's intellectual and ideological descent into being a party of white resentment is just the latest librul conspiracy! They have MARCO RUBIO!

I too am aghast at how willingly even some sensible and/or liberal media figures are willing to stipulate that Marco is a good speaker or that he has a sophisticated understanding of issues, which he's forced to hide on the stump or in debates. Seriously? I've never seen a shred of evidence that either of these things is true. He speaks like a wind-up doll on his good days, and he's such a brilliant foreign policy thinker that he tried to lecture John Kerry about how we're not going after ISIS hard enough because we don't want to upset Iran. That's some head-injury level stupid there.

The extent to which the media is willing to delude itself into believing in a Marco Rubio that does not and never has existed is stupefying, and THAT, rather than the candidate's actual abilities, which are meager, is the reason I don't want to see him as the nominee. They'll do whatever they can to drag Marco across the finish line.

Fortunately, Chris Christie showed how easy it is to get Marco to fall apart. If Trump decides Rubio is his biggest threat and goes after him with anything like the tenacity with which he destroyed Jeb and is currently mowing down Tailgunner Ted, it won't take long for the humiliations to begin piling up and for Rubio to either fall apart or to take his ball and go home.

Peter G

That was a hilarious high point of the campaign to date. Rubio literally went into a closed loop from which he emerged dazed and confused. I'll bet if you asked him what he said in his political fugue state he couldn't tell you.

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