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February 26, 2016



It was only a week or two ago, though it now seems like an eternity, when I responded to PM's assertion that the GOP had hit rock bottom by saying that by Super Tuesday we would see that the bottom had dropped out of the barrel once again. I apologize, PM, and readers. I was off by five days. When are we going to learn that there is no bottom?

Peter G

Call it a quibble but I think given recent Republican presidential quality, a moving target if ever there was one, the current crop of Republicans candidates are the best qualified they have to offer as candidates. You'll notice he didn't say actual president. That being said a wise investor looking forward to the election should probably consider a large investment in lipstick futures.


And pork bellies...

Peter G

You know these people are idiots. Do they even study their own playbooks? What do they have to say about the IRS? Well generally speaking it is an evil institution that persecutes Americans and is something they intend to destroy as soon as they can impose a glorious flat tax that everyone will honestly pay no questions asked. It would take little to force the other candidates to actually defend Trump against the evil IRS.

You mock the Donald but you do so from a rational perspective. And Donald played this exactly right. The religious tone? Among evangelicals the IRS and its strictures on the involvement of churches in politics is one of their principal grievances. Donald hit this one out of the park. he knows exactly who he is speaking to.

Anne J

It's like a movie getting panned by the critics, then becoming a box office blockbuster.

Peter G

It does have that Auteur writer, director and producer feel to it does it not? I'm thinking Ed Wood.

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