S.O.B.s like Alex Jones and Donald Trump rarely seem to suffer when they lose civil cases for millions of dollars. When those massive judgments against Jones came down, I noted this, asking if anyone actually believed he would be on the financial hook. 

I'm deeply sorry to say that that observation was likely correct. The Washington Post:

"Parents of children killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School had sued [Jones] and his media company for defamation after he repeatedly claimed the 2012 massacre in Connecticut was a hoax. Fans of the Infowars host had harassed and threatened grieving families. By the summer of 2020, two of the lawsuits weren’t going his way.

"As the potential for damages mounted, Jones began moving millions of dollars out of his company, Free Speech Systems, and into companies controlled by himself, friends or relatives.... The transfers potentially put those funds out of reach of the Sandy Hook plaintiffs."

There has to be a better way to nail bastards like Jones. That he's even still drawing breath is an abomination.